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Empower Your Business with Tomorrow's Technology

Founded in 2015, XJCP Limited is a fintech services provider specialized in management consulting, trading and risk-management platform solutions, digital marketing, and business operations. With over 15-years of experience in the financial services and technology industries, we aim to provide our clients with first class technology solutions.

About us

XJCP works with its clients on creating and deploying innovative technology-driven solutions to thrive in this fast-changing world. The Company is always looking to expand its scope of work and its range of clients.


XJCP has supported the launch of the crypto-focused hedge fund TIAG Digital Labs SP Fund focused on taking advantage of novel arbitrage opportunities in the growing cryptocurrency markets. 

Satoshi Strategic SP Fund, soon launched afterwards to capture the performance of Bitcoin, structured as an investment vehicle for their clients to gain exposure without the complications of safekeeping the assets.

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Management Consulting

We share our expertise and know-how in the financial services and technology industry with your management team. Together we work through business challenges and devise an optimal and achievable plan for your business goals.


Fintech Solutions

We build tailor-made, fit for purpose FinTech platform and solution for your business. Our architects and engineers have an incredible track record of building effective financial systems with exchange connectivity, trading interface, automated market making, position and risk management.

Project Management

We identify processes, talent skills and technology to equip your project team. Establish key measurements and milestones. Oversee the entire execution of the project. Mitigate risks and raise issues at the earliest to achieve the best possible outcome.


Technical Outsourcing

We are well connected with talented people who are trustworthy, reliable, have technical excellence and are at the forefront of their areas of expertise. We can match your outsourcing needs and help you reach your goal.

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